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Terms and Conditions

The scope and nature of cleaning tasks will be agreed prior to cleaning. Please ensure you choose a package that suits your home and your needs. Communication can be made via email or phone should any questions or issues arise.

Any additional one-off cleaning tasks need to be organised with enough notice to ensure Wairarapa Dream Clean can schedule extra time to complete this task. Wairarapa Dream Clean will endeavor to schedule your additional task on the day of your clean, however at times we may need to schedule these at another time depending on Wairarapa Dream Team’s schedule.

Extra time spent will be charged on your invoice.

The cleaner must always have clear and safe access to the property. Guard dogs/aggressive breeds must be secured on the day of cleaning. This is to ensure the safety of our staff while at your home. As a result, any failure to secure dogs will mean that we cannot carry out your cleaning. Since we have had to travel to your home but will not be able to gain safe access, this will be treated as a late cancellation and you will be charged the regular fee.

To ensure the cleaner has access to your home, a key must be provided, either kept securely at the property or given to the cleaner, which will be held securely. Failure to provide access on the day of cleaning will result in being charged the regular fee.

Please ensure your home is in a tidy state, extra time tidying may incur extra charges.

If you require cleaning behind furniture that may be heavy or cause damage to flooring, please have it moved before the cleaner arrives, to prevent injuries, and damage. If you cannot do this yourself, please contact Leah to make arrangements.

Cancellations require 24 hours’ notice. Last minute cancellation or postponement may result in the regular fee being charged.

Payment is expected on the day of cleaning, with an invoice provided, unless otherwise arranged. Services are provided as a package rather than an hourly rate.

The cleaner will arrive where possible at the time and day agreed. Any variations due to traffic, weather conditions, or events out of the cleaner’s control can happen, please make allowances for this. If there is a delay of more than 15 minutes, Wairarapa Dream Clean will call or text the client to keep them informed.

If you are dissatisfied or wish to provide feedback for the service provided, please email Leah with a detailed description of your complaint/comments as soon as possible so that this can be addressed quickly.

If there are any urgent matters, please phone Leah as soon as possible.

Wairarapa Dream Clean has Public Liability Insurance up to $2 Million in case of any damage caused while cleaning where it is the fault of Wairarapa Dream Cleaners. This does not include damage caused because of general wear and tear of chattels, home or equipment that are already compromised or aged. On the first visit, all items of value (Antiques etc.) will be shown to the cleaner and recorded, photos may be taken and filed securely on Wairarapa Dream Clean’s online storage for future reference.

In the event of an accident or where damage occurs, an incident report will be completed on-site and left with the client, photos will be taken to document damage, and steps to repair or replace will be started immediately.

As our cleaners are cleaning areas our clients may not look at often, they may find areas of concern in the client’s property, photos will be taken, and they will contact Leah to pass on information to the Client.

In the event that one of our cleaners notices issues of possible concern, they will inform Leah or the client with a note or phone call or show the client in person, so that the client is aware of the issue and can decide upon an appropriate course of action.

All Wairarapa Dream Clean cleaners are police-vetted before commencing work for Wairarapa Dream Clean.

Wairarapa Dream Clean uses only “environmentally friendly” cleaning products, so you can be assured your home is a safe home!

Any feedback is welcome, and we look forward to starting at your home, so you can relax and enjoy it!